Bona Kim

Bona Kim

Dark UX Mistress   &   Product Designer

Hi. My name is Bona Kim and I design to create delightful experiences.

I currently work as a Product Design Lead for Sing! Karaoke app at Smule, where we make social music creation mobile apps such as Sing Karaoke, Autorap, Guitar and Piano.

I love bringing simplicity to complex problems and seek new opportunities on the edge of mobile technology. I am also passionate about connecting people worldwide in new meaningful ways.

Read some of my thoughts on UX practices on UX Magazine, chat with me on Twitter, discuss design and start-ups on Medium or watch me singing my heart out on Sing!. Have we worked together before or would like to in the future? let's connect on LinkedIn.

Why Dark UX Mistress? It's an inside joke on how much I hate dark UX patterns. I believe UX and Product Designers should always advocate for users and bring the pleasure and ease in users' lives.

Thanks for visiting!
Resume & portfolio are available upon requests.